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Buying or selling a home is like buying or selling a work of art--your goal is to balance quality, taste, comfort and price. You want to be passionate about the end product, but recognize that the process can be confusing and frustrating. I work diligently to help guide you through the process, allowing you to remain focused on your goals.

I help you paint a picture of the possibilities, while acknowledging the realities of the market place at any given time. Together we will think creatively about the process, whether it is exploring unfamiliar neighborhoods or staging your property, so that your purchase or sale is a true reflection of what you hope to accomplish.

Like a practicing artist, I pull together all the materials needed to get started. Like a thoughtful curator, I help to organize the process and manage it from beginning to end. As an experienced Realtor, I work hard to make each step as understandable and seamless as possible, so that you are ecstatic about the outcome!

I am a former museum curator with a love of architecture and space. I also recently remodeled my own home--from the studs out--and have a deep understanding and respect for the Planning and Building Departments in San Francisco. Likewise, I love the details of remodeling, having gained an intimate knowledge of finish materials, from hardwood to tile to to light fixtures to hardware.

I have lived in San Francisco since 1993, first in Pacific Heights, then Russian Hill, and now Telegraph Hill.

Paragon Real Estate 1160 Battery San Francisco, CA 94111 415 205 4755
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